Kevin B.CEO & Founder

This BaliBeachBoy is the CEO and Founder of the project but not only that, he is also a successful crypto entrepreneur with a huge community.
Having paved his way to financial freedom, he has shown over 25.000 people a way to get successful in the crypto market by following his footsteps. Living in Bali for a couple of years, his goal is to make a positive impact on the island.

Iliano FCTO

This BaliBeachBoy is not one surfing waves but also the cyberspace.
Several successful digital projects and digital marketing campaigns are a part of his portfolio.
Additionally he is managing International Development, 3D and the marketing teams on a daily basis for over 10 years.

Dmitriy F.Development

This BaliBeachBoy handles the Web Development.
From Java Script, CSS to PHP and HTML, with Dima, the BaliBeachBoyz have found their web surfer and developer.

Petya H.3D ArtDirector

This BaliBeachBabe is the Art Director for the project. With her Bachelor in Advertising and her additional Master’s degree in Video Game Development, she is responsible for the creation of the BaliBeachBoyz. Her great love for 3D animation and problem solving is helping her to create the most efficient workflows and achieve the highest quality of NFTs.

Tetjana K.UX Designer

This BaliBeachBabe is a real pixel hunter.
Her daily tasks range from advanced graphics to state-of-the-art designs. Combining this with her bachelor of arts, she is a perfect match for the BaliBeachBoyz.

Denis MCo-Founder

This BaliBeachBoy is an accomplished young man in the crypto sector and is able to show an impressive network of contacts that reach the most successful personalities in the UAE.
His expertise in the field of real estate and company formation, as well as management will benefit the BaliBeachBoyz by entering international strategic partnerships in the future.

Team member
Lucas M.Co-Founder

This BaliBeachBoy is the definition of a young successful entrepreneur. He has built up a 7-digit portfolio through cryptocurrencies and shows an enormously far-reaching network. He is a role model for many young people who want to strive for geographical and financial independence.

Florian SMarketing & Cooperation

This BaliBeachBoy graduated in international hotel management and continued to study corporate law. In 2011 he built real estate development companies and hostility businesses in Germany and Bali. Being very passionate about architecture, renewable energies and construction, his know-how and experience leads Florian to exceed his clients expectations. Living in Bali since 2016 and having built up a huge network in Indonesia, he is able to understand and work effectively between the cultural differences of the east and west.

Nebras ACommunity Manager

This BaliBeachBoy is the pleasant and friendly organizer who acts as the liaison between the team, the project and its members. He is the voice of the project, moderating community support, content distribution and digital engagement, building presence and trust, both in person and online.

Victor S.3D Animation

This BaliBeachBoy is the master of 3D animation and ringing.
Over 10 years of industrial experience make Victor the perfect addition to the team. From Wave simulations to all sorts of advanced three dimensional animations, no challenge is too big for Victor.

Tina  S.PR & ORGA

This BaliBeachBabe is the multitalented sunshine of the team and manages her community counterpart content, charities, events as well as public relations. Thanks to her military background she knows how to handle sharp grenades!