Our Partners

Go Canyoning Bali


Go Canyoning Bali is your GO To provider for Bali canyoning and trekking, and team building programs in Buleleng Regency in North Bali. 

Our team are all local Balinese guides and staff have local knowledge to provide you with Amazing Adventure

Book your next amazing adventure in Bali – Canyoning | Trek


Beauty Salon

Let them help you look stunning on your big day.

No matter where you go, make sure you have a beautiful set of nails  send them the design of your dream and they’ll make it happen for you because I don’t know if it’s just me but something about a French nail gives CEO boss 

Inksanity Bali

Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Tattoos and designs by artists at Inksanity and Bodhi Tattoo Supplies and Custom Tattooing in Bali. 

They know that tattoos are more than art, these are feelings that are linked in art.

Exceptional details and stitches so you have a unique design!


Restaurant & Bar

They have a lovely place outside the hustle and bustle of Canggu and great interior with a lovely back garden area.
Moringa Buduk is providing so many foods and drinks just for you.

Wanna enjoy your food with a view? No worries because they got a secret garden. A place where you can eat, play and relax at the same time..

Nice Bali

Restaurant & Bar

#BeNiceBaby and enjoy a stunning bar & rest!

Live Music Band & DJ ensure an extraordinary atmosphere

Crazy nights result in the best memories but you can of course sip and chill as well.

Relish some amazing food and have a great time!

Suka Hotdogs


Biggest hotdogs in Bali? Our partner Sukahotdogs Bali got you.
…Because nothing beats a classic hotdog!…

Looking for a something different to satisfy your hotdog cravings? 
Try out their most different HOTDOG varieties made with daily baked buns, jumbo German beef sausages, and only the best and freshest ingredients.

Gou Bali


Asian cuisine with the taste of nostalgic hawker style foods. Taste something better today with our partner Gou Bali!

The great times you can have with great food and the best is what they cook up for you!
From its cozy ambiance and gracious service to the flavorful and delicious dishes, GOU will surely delight everyone 

Glouton Bali


Glouton Bali is a French Brasserie in the heart of Canggu
 Burger and other delights with a French touch!

They are serving fresh and limited portion everyday which guarantees the best quality possible, so you have an enjoyable experience and will come back for more!

Hadja Halima


Our partner Hadjahalimaresto is an authentic Algerian restaurant that you should definitely experience!

NEW approaches NEW taste, life is not meant to be plain.
Traditional furnishings let you immerse yourself in a whole new world, let yourself be inspired by delicious food…

So Smile Bali

Teeth whitening

Whether leaving a good lasting first impression for a job interview or to attract a potential life partner.. our new partner So smile Bali
knows the importance of your teeth!

Your appearance has never been so important, therefore you can start with your teeth and be noticeable more attractive

Visibly whiter teeth in only ONE session!

101 Ramenbar

Ramen Yakitori  Bar

Every meal at this fabulous restaurant is like a mini-vacation!! Taste of Japan in Canggu!

Itadakimasu!! is Japanese phrases for 'to eat and receive.'
…and you receive divinely prepared food…

You decide the taste of your bowl and don't forget to order one of the drinks.

Bagelhaus Bali


Breakfast bagels in Bali; Umalas & Berawa
Bagelhaus Bali our partner is a place where everyone can find food to their taste and pleasure 

They understand how it’s hard to make a decision. 
That’s why they work everyday to give you the opportunity to try all of the tastes.

Izzi Bali

Shisha Lounge

Izzi Bali, Infinitely you can look at 3 things:

To fir water and their bartender working on cocktail masterpieces for you.

Our partner Izzi Bali is a lounge and cozy place at the same time, including a beautiful sunset point overlooking the ocean!

Do you know what distinguishes a good hookah?
Izzi knows for sure!

Ti Amo Bali

Italian Restaurant

Tiamo Bali, Seminyak’s newly launched Italian Restaurant!
Take a moment to have a break and enjoy our signature Italian pasta!

See the beauty in every detail and make sure to share your favorite seat spot with them.

FLIPUP Cafe Crêpes


Quelle perfection d'apparence et de goût!

Authentic French crepes from our new partner Flipup cafe sweeten your day, making sure your needs are full-filled.

Bali Bowls & Sushi


Bali Bowls & Sushi
Bali  Bowls & More
Healthy Eating Vegan Friendly

Live life with no excuses, eat with no regrets…but be aware that our partner makes sure, that you are on the safe side nonetheless.

Give yourself the energy, with the good food, the good people and never stop laughing to be complety yourself!



Meru spoils you with the best view dining and lounging!

You choose the mood of your experience, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dining complemented by beautiful sunset vibes.

Imagine a calm atmosphere with a gentle breeze, sitting with your loved ones, and our server begins delivering the delectable food you've ordered... perfect! 



Intheraw Bali is a JUICE CLEANSES expert!

One of the best sources of vitamins and carotenoids!

Free cleansing and detox consultation.
Their Cold-Pressed Juices are 100% organic 
NO Water & NO Fillers added, served in an environmental friendly glass bottle 

Treat yourself with a refreshing, divine drink.


Tapas Bar

“Chaque cuisinier a sa sauce”

„-Each cook has their own sauce.“

You could follow the recipe to the dot but it still won’t turn out identically.

Great for our partner since they’re all about twisting the classic Spanish Tapas by adding French influence to it.

There is art in drinking.
Excitement when choosing which, passion when giving a toast, and love when sharing it with whoever you're with.
So bring your friends and get a fulfilling taste experience!

Barkwell Bali

Pet Grooming & Cafe

NO RUFF DAYS 🐾, with our partner your dogs best friend!! 

No puppy should be left unpampered 
So our partner knows how to treat your dog the right way and provides a treatment that still gets the job done gently.

Much love to you and your partner in crime!

Lolita Bali


Lolita style. Breakfast, lunch & dinner with Japanese touches & Robatayaki.

Cooperation never been so delicious 

Food is more than just fuel, it is art.

Start of your week with the right food!

Enjoy the details that will make your experience special

Flame Spa Bali

Sensual spa & massage

I think it is getting hot in here…
Our partner flamespaseminyak is responsible for Bali’s premier sensual spa and massage. 

Sometimes all you need is 90 minutes  treatment at Flame Spa and pour some good whiskey to make a good day ahead 

The Shack Canggu


Our Partner takes care of your basic needs and knows, that good food is the foundation of genuine happiness…

Refresh your day with one of their fresh juices, it is healthy and tasty because they don't know any different than serving you quality!



Poortcalli is definitely a must try when it comes to cafés!

They are striving for ideas, twisted with event paradise.

Gather your buddies to this cozy place in Canggu whilst enjoying a fresh Portcalli's signature.

Mynx Bali

Beauty salon

MYNX Hair & Beauty Emporium, beautiful skin doesn’t come from makeup, it’s from a good facialist and our partner makes sure you are glowing inside-out !

Life is more beautiful when you meet the right hairdresser in MYNX,
you will love it.


Pet service 

Pet Taxi, Dog Walking, Dog Training based in Bali,
your pawfect solution for busy pawrents!

Founded by Vet, whom experts in animal background, it is guaranteed that your pet is taken care of the right way.

Check out their pawsenger of the day!

Kingsman Barber Bali


Kingsmanbali invites you for some incredible relaxation and new hairstyles, based in Canggu!

Choose between Dreadlock, Boxbraid, Cornrow, Perming, Colouring and Hairdesing you will find what you are looking for….a barber with a feeling for high class styles and cuts!



Sushi, Asian fusion and drinks.. our partner receive your order through WhatsApp and provides your cravings perfectly.

The perfect place to relax and work; MOAI is your favorite place you don't even know yet.

From the moment you pass their giant MOAI statues in the entrance to the end of your dining experience, their staff will serve you with the best service possible just to make sure you will have an incredible time.



Soul - Love - Creativity, Merkai is your favorite global cuisine which means there is always Tequila time somewhere.. right?

Where else can you find a place that feels like home?

Our partner is waiting here for you to have all round good vibes, good time, and of course, good food. Take a seat and get spoiled, you deserve it.

Dorsey's Barber Shop


Trim, tune, cut and style!

These gifted blades by our partner makes sure you don't cross the line between lumberjack and homeless bum!

A man truly knows how good a visit at the barber feels.

Our partner is located in Canggu and Uluwatu!


Craft Burgers

It doesn't matter how you like your burger... it is fact that our partner can do it!
Cut out carbs? No worries they got you!

Locca Sea House


Locca takes care of experiences through senses!

Well-known as the hidden coconut island. Here Locca Sea House at Jimbaran, Bali perfect place to let go of your burden and be in the flow with the rhythm of life.
Take a short break to refresh your mind at Locca Sea house in Bali. Listen to soothing sound and essence views….

Jilegends Bali


An upscaled, high-end Bistro Bar, tributing the Sports Legends.
Pay them a visit for a fun pool game, a warm meal or their signature cocktails.

Elevated classics and experimental expressions.

The Shady Pig

Bar & Lounge

Sipping Lounge by The Shady Family
From Birmingham to Canggu - Est. 1927
No password, no entrance.
Be mindful, the lounge is only open to those who know, serving secret elexier..
Live life like a boss and shock your senses with an exquisitely flavorful cocktail!


Restaurant & Club

A new dining & clubbing experience in Ubud.
taste. listen. feel.
Tapas, cocktails, wine and music…they hook you up with a new dining & clubbing experience!

The Shady Flamingo

Intimate Cocktail Den

…There was a time back then when mafiosos and Hollywood celebrities would mingle over glitzy cocktails and vinyl tunes…
Great drinks to a magical athmosphere.


NFT Collection

Our exclusive second NFT collection!

Don Fernando Bali

Dining & Wine Bar

Exquisite wine by glas selection and a Argentinian dining place.
The steak experience will haunt you in your dreams…
…try this deliciousness at your own risk.

Mawar Kuning Watersports Bali

Sport and freetime

Established in 1998.
Our partner takes care of all watersport activities, so plenty of fun is guaranteed for you and your friends.


Shoe Sale

Made Locally - Handcrafted in Bali.
Welcome to a very special shoe world.



The House of Mahija is a restaurant & gallery by Mahija Indonesia, located in the heart of Berawa, Canggu.
They offer something completely different, a sophisticated taste of Indonesian and Asian cuisine with the source of the best product available on the market and exquisite quality. They are passionate to give the best dining experience to our beloved customers.

My Shisha Bali

Shisha Equipment

Exclusive shisha equipment to improve your next experience. Smoke improvement through increased equipment quality is necessary to max out your shisha performance.


Off-road amusement park

UbudATVRide has all inclusive packages with 5 different park options for ATV Quad Bike Tours and also white water river rafting tours.
Check them out to get your cheap thrills and adrenalin pumping with some fun outdoor activites and Bali adventures.



Bali based delicious Scents & Earthly goods
- Wholesale - Off label - Workshops
Join one of the exciting zodiac workshops to learn more!


Clinical Care

Eterna Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic Bali ETERNA Clinic Bali offers both facial and body treatments, from hairloss treatment, facial contouring, facial skin rejuvenation and tightening, acne treatment, scar revision, hair removal, women’s intimate area rejuvenation, fat reduction, tattoo removal, mole removal, nail fungus removal, and even laser for snoring reduction. All treatments are performed by our professional and registered medical team. Injectable treatments for anti-aging and facial contouring such as Botox, Dermal Filler, Skin Booster, Thread Lift, and Mesotherapy are performed by experienced aesthetic doctors with highest quality products and long-lasting result. For those who are not comfortable with injection, these treatments are another option. Using latest technology devices such as Erbium Laser, Nd-Yag Laser, CO2 Laser, Ultrasound, Intense Pulse Light, and Cryolipolysis, we deliver these treatments to enhance our patient's beauty with minimal discomfort. With an outstanding customer service, cozy and luxurious place, ETERNA Clinic Bali is committed to providing a high quality service and outstanding beauty treatment experience.

Ubud Bali Activities


We offer safe and friendly service with English speaking guides. All our guides are local people who know the local customs and traditions, and will give you a unique experience of everyday life in Ubud. They are also very experienced in the hospitality isdustry and have a wealth of knowledge to make your trip exciting and care-free.
Balinese food cooking & bike cycling class

Kadek Bali tour

Travel Service & Activities

Kadek offers very reliable and professional services for a large variety of tours and outdoor activities. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can count on them.
From Jetskis to parasailing, snorkeling and ocean walks or daytrips to the most exotic locations in Bali, contact Kadek with any further requests or inquiries to suit your needs. They will more than happy to assist you with any of our offers. 


Boat Trips

Bali Yacht Week is an exclusive seven-day adventure and party cruise involving a flotilla of sailboats, catamarans, and traditional Indonesian Built Phinisi Yachts that bring you to the most exotic locations and popular destinations of Indonesia including Komodo National Park, Moyo Island, the Gili Islands, and Nusa Penida. 
It isn't just one trip but a series of flotillas throughout the year and we offer 2 trips each month. 
Destinations: Bali - Nusa Pendida - Lombok - Gili - Sumbawa - Moyo - Komodo - Flores
Active Lifestyle: Sail - Surf - Dive - Trek - Yoga - Party


Tour Driver

All about Bali's culture & tradition.
Tourists objects, news kuliner and car rental opportunity!


Travel Service

For Balion Vacation Info give list
Fast Track Arrival Service
Fast Track Departure Service
Balinesse Costume Photography 
Concierge Service Bali, explore Bali!
Your Window to The World 
Part of Afro Asian Energy.

Sail Bali and Komodo

Sport and Freetime

Get ready for the sailing experience through Indonesian archipelago.
Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air. Different routes available, choose the perfect one for you!

Little Havana Canggu


Bali’s first shot bar with latino essence.
Wed: Tattoo Night
 Thu: Ladies Night
 Fri: SheCallsMe Daddy
 Sat: Otra Noche
 Sun: AcousticLive

Kadek Sudiartha

Tour & Private Driver

Your adress for a tour & private driver to show you around.

Wayan Wija


Every tour driver knows a secret spot you will be amazed by. Spend a day driving around Bali and enjoy the beautiful site of Bali!

Bali Polo-Club


First Polo Club & Academy in Bali.
Polo Arena Horseback Riding.
Begin your day with Polo Club
Exercising in the morning contains so many benefits.
Among the benefits, exercising in the morning helps to boost your energy, puts you in a better mood and helps to improve your focus.

Loco By Nature


Restaurant, Music, Art, Skate Bowl, Sunset, Ricefield, Love.
Sometimes when everything feels like falling apart, they may actually be falling into place. Just never give up on your dreams!

The Goa Canggu


A Comfort Cave in the heart of Batu Bolong
The Goa Cat Day.
Mainecoon Polydactyl.
Whether ordering a multi-course meal or grabbing a coffee to have a good start for the day, The GOA lively, casual yet upscale atmosphere makes it perfect for enjoying the food with friends, family, clients and business associates.

The Normandy Canggu


French traditional creperie with buckweat galettes, sweet crepes and salads.
A huge variety of delicacies.

Adem Juice & Smoothies


Enjoyable by all, full of vitamins and antioxidant. Choose between many juice options because healthy can be delicious.

Balilife Localguide

Tour Provider

If you need driver or photographer during your vacation in Bali you will be well served here.

Surya Bintang Adventures

Product & Services

Rafting, Swing, VW Tour ,ATV, Quadbike, Cycling, biketour, Trekking, Outbond, Resto ensure a sufficient and adventurous time.

Aksata Bar


Beach front bar & restaurant.

Bejana Uluwatu

Health Food Restaurant 

Live Music every Saturday & Sunday.
Best Immunity boost juices
to fight cold & flu. 

Alexander Barus Photography


Holiday Photographer since 2014.
Including honeymoon and other occasions as well.

Mr. Wayan Kuta


Savoring the delicacy of local food at Beachwalk Level 3 distinguished by a tropical in and outdoor design.
Enjoy some food in Kuta while enjoying the sunset!

Bali Top Travels

Travel & Traffic

PT Arantika TravelsB2B Bali Tour Packages.All Bali Tour Activities. Airport / Fullday Transport.
With these activities BTT invite you to do the real tradition for Balinese real life.


Live singing bar

Located in the heart of Batu Bolong.
Life is good especially on a Friday.
Bring your squad or make a new crowd!

Amy's Spa Canggu


Located in Canggu.
Because a manicure and relaxation is never not combined!

Shortcut Bar & Kitchen

Restaurant & Bar

Shortcut Canggu, including  events with all you can eat bbq, free beer and free flow.
Enjoy your entertained evening!

The Space Bali


A space for universal bond, connection, and reflection.
Together to be inspired, based in Bingin.

Jamu Ratinah Juices Bali


Golden Healthy Jamu(Traditional / Cinnamon)
Cold-pressed juices that are freshly homemade & 100%Natural for a good price.
Delivery is available at GoFood/GrabFood

Cabana Caribbean Bistro & Bar

Bistro & Bar

United is more than just a word. It's a way of life. Taste the taste of paradise in the signature tropical cocktails.

Bull's Coffee Bali

Coffee shop

The first sip always touches the soul
Available GoFood GrabFood.
The perfect choice anytime you need to cool your nerves, calm down and relax, or when feeling restless or worried.

Lusa By Suka


All day kitchen, cafe, pizza and bar in the heart of Berawa, Canggu.
All smiles whether you're coming in for a drink or a bite.



TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice 2020
Top 5 Restaurants in Uluwatu based on TripAdvisor.
If you like piña coladas
And gettin' caught in the rain~
Presenting one of our Mocktails, Pina Colada! Get now only at He'enalu Cafe & Resto Uluwatu!

Muscle Beach Club

Gym Beachclub

Cardio - Body building - Pool Fitbar - Outdoor - Crossfit - Pole dance - Sauna - Ice bath - Jacuzzi - Boxing



Western & Indonesian food, based in Ubud.
Coffee and delicious cocktails are available as well.  Well suited for families.



Finding a good and uncrowded right-hander on the west coast of Bali can be difficult sometimes.  When the wave are getting bigger its very important to know where to go and when the best time is to surf Surfing its about timing ad the feeling to get more confident have fun and enjoy .

Casa Folk

Wholesale & Retail

An earthy conscious living store. Eco products & Artisan treasures lovingly handmade.

Wild Habit Pizza


Signature Neapolitan Pizza & Rocking Cocktails.
Craft beer is also available.

Rumah Skate Bar

Skating & Bar

The Only Half-Pipe in Bali!
Skate Class, Bar & Fun

Warung cenana


Warung Cenana is a restaurant offering Indonesian food as a buffet.
Open every day 7 am - 9 pm and the Prices starts from as low as 10k!
No matter what it is time for you will be excited by the selection of food and even if you are planning on visiting as a group you can check out the group buffet menu as well as the new a la carte menu!

Angel Bali Trans

Exclusive rental cars and bikes

A premium car and bike rental that is located in Kuta.
They also offer tour services and you can spend the evening in the Angle lounge and enjoy the happy hours starting at 8pm-11pm.

Don Fernando Bali


Casual Argentinian Dining & Wine Bar
Asado Wood Fire.
Large Wine-by-the-Glass Selection.
With Love & Fire.

Lima Bay


Chilled summer Mediterranean restaurant situated in the rice paddies, with an all day menu & signature cocktails .


Vegan and Keto 

more info on website :

Infinite surfwave camp


Surf lessons, that will help you upgrading your surfing. 
The Instructor teaches you the necessary skills to become a confident surfer. The Surf Lessons are offered 7 days a week all year round. They find the best location depending on tides and break conditions choosing the best spot on the Bukit’s peninsula of Bali for every lesson

Cuppa Coffee


More info on the website:



Batur sunrise jeep tour is the best choice for those of you who want to see the natural beauty of the mount batur .we prepared this tour for those of you who lack confidence and are hesitant to climb. After see sunrise explore the world famous black lava from eruption that ocurred hundreds of years ago on a jeep adventure

Pet Hotel Canggu

Pet Hotel

More info on the website:

Digital Online Empire


Digital Online Empire is the company of Denis M & Kevin B. This company cooperates with the world's largest educational platform for knowledge in the field of crypto, NFT & business building. In the last 2.5 years they have grown over 25,000 customers & partners and made over $40,000,000 in sales. Also part of the company is Kevin Beutler's mastermind group. Here we are talking about 1500 people who are all invested with 10.000-25.000$ in their company. In the mastermind, many coin tips were recommended extremely early, so that the community with many projects made several 1000%, if not more than 10,000% as with Shiba Inu, and thus achieved financial freedom. Lucrative private deals and exclusive portfolio management is also a big part.

LONGITUDE Investments

Real estate

Have a slice of Paradise" because a building is more than a floor plan, an apartment is more than four walls - and coming home is more than unlocking a door. At LONGITUDE Investments, we have been successfully transforming attractive land spots in Bali into modern, sustainable living environments that focus on people, nature, and culture. We have already developed and marketed many residential units, with the constant goal of using our innovative living concepts and high-quality standards to create a real home from each of them.

"We create living space" is our mission statement and our core business is the development, construction, and sale of villas, apartment houses and villa compounds all over Bali and Indonesia. We create development plans and new buildings worth living in stable locations, which offer both their residents and their investments a good home in the long term. Short coordination channels, a partnership-based line to the authorities, close cooperation with our customers and investors: All of this is important to us because it not only increases our customer's satisfaction but also makes our work more efficient.


Steakhouse, Cocktail Lounge & Meat Boutique

Boy'n'cow is not your average steakhouse. Welcome to Bali's first meat boutique. They are located at the top of eat street, seminyak. Here you will have the best dry-aged steak experience in Bali.

Bali Agung Trans Cars

Rental cars & bikes

A premium car and bike rental that is located in Kuta.
They also offer tour services and you can spend the evening in the Angle lounge and enjoy the happy hours starting at 8pm-11pm.

Brotherhood surf shop

Surfboards & repair

A surfshop that is all about surf equipment. You can also buy and sell used or new surf boards.
If your board needs a repair there is also given a service for that. As they stand for brotherhood, there is also a clothing selection available to be a noticeable member!

Studio repair Surfshop

Surfboard & repair

A professional contact person for your surfboard. Repair your surfboard or purchase a self created surfboard. Try out the painting job that is done professionally to match with your own style. Feel comfortable riding waves with your individual board while supporting the locals!

Pandawahill Hotel


This resort is a four star standard hotel around 3 kilometers from the famous tourist destination area of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu Temple. 
Eat, Drink and enjoy the view that will take you away with Pool view, that enhance your
spirit and sights with a senses of clarity.

Eden shisha club

Hookas, drinks and food

Excellent shisha  & ‌exclusive tobacco selection.
‌Western & Asian fusion - Signature sushi rolls  - Dumplings
Coffee ~ Tea collection ~ Fine cocktails 
Cozy 2 floors shisha lounge & swimming pool. The perfect location to enjoy a hooka and have a good time!

The Temple


luwatu’s Finest Steak House „The Temple“ will spoil you with the finest grilled steak and burgers but still offers vegan dishes! For

Athlean Fitnessclub

Fitness / Gym

The Athlean opens at 6 am - 10 pm and is therefore definitely for every type of athlete.
The gym owns a big variety of gym equipment including an outdoor pool to cool off after the workout or as a warm up opportunity.
You are able to take advantage of the privat lessons if you're not feeling safe on your own or even if you need some help upgrading your workouts.
Fell free to stay for a drink in the cafe after your workout!

The W&A


The W&A Surfshop is a Multibrand Store offering the opportunity to rent bikes, surfboards and other transportation.
Including a tour service you will have the opportunity to get to know the location even better!
Supporting the local brand you can get yourself some clothes and equipment for your daily journey!

Tree of Chocolate

Chocolate factory 

The worlds most tasty cacao beans exist in Bali that means that already high expectations are met!
In the chocolate manufacture called „Tree of chocolate Bali“ everything is handmade and you can enjoy a big variety of Balinese chocolate specialities, all completely based on organic ingredients to make sure, that you have tasted the wonder of chocolate!

Barong Jewelry


Barong jewelry offers high quality, hand made jewelry for women.
Whether you are looking for necklaces, rings or other unique peaces, you will find it here.
It is a place where local artist and producers products can be bought and supported.
Made with love in Bali.

Fren`cha Bakery

French bakery

Fren`cha is a French artisanal sourdough bakery chain including 3 bakery’s that are spread on the island.
Serve yourself with the large selection of sourdough or spoil yourself with the delicious art of dessert that lets one dream of a French old town.
Definitely visit them and try out their large selection of desserts:
strawberry, raspberry, chocolate or lemon TARTS,
chocolate, coffee or passion fruit ECLAIR,
strawberry, passion fruit or chocolate CHEESECAKE, MILLEFEUILLE, chocolate NEST,PARIS BREST, OPERA,CHOUX ….and more!

The Waffle


The Wafflehut offers delicious gourmet waffles of every kind.


Handmade Ethical Products

Handep is a leading social enterprise and sustainable brand in Indonesia that works with indigenous artisans and smallholders to create an alternative sustainable village economy through sustainable premium crafts.

TIQ Collection


TIQ is a Resort Wear label that has revolutionised the traditional manufacturing technique by adding a European twist. Silky off-the-shoulder dresses drape the body in figure-flattering cascades of fabric; loose-fitting satin pants feature clean lines that create an illusion of length. The prints are inspired by flower petals, palm trees, peacock feathers and geometric patterns. They also carry a range of kimonos and sarongs.

Skutis Corporation

Selling | Rental

We are a sustainable, fun and fast-growing manufacturing, trading, and tour company from Indonesia. Our primary activities comprise a new lifestyle by designing, producing, distributing and promoting skutis (light and foldable electric scooters) as well as skutis accessories.We are proud to be the first specialized skutis company in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) and Timor-Leste (Dili). Our customers comprise individual persons of almost all age groups as well as hotels, tour operators and rental businesses.

wishing well uluwatu


The subsequent cooperation with the art restaurant Wishingwell is something special. Here the whole restaurant was lovingly and creatively designed by local artists. There is even a small art gallery. Tuesday is taco time here, and Friday is open mic night, and everyone can test themselves on the microphone! A live band will take over again on Saturday evenings and they will be jamming. A red carpet is rolled out here for a Movie Night and people can enjoy a good movie outdoors. For more information and events, keep an eye on Instagram and the website.


Diving school

more info coming soon.

Bali MAMA'S 

German Restaurant

Located in the heart of Kuta MAMA'S® has continued its operation since 1985. Soon it became a hangout spot for travellers from all over the world. MAMA'S® serving next to full meals juicy Burgers and Hot Dog's in a bun, served with a decent portion of French Fries. Soon original German style dishes were on the menu, such as: Roast Pork (Schweinebraten), Vienna Schnitzel, Rolled Beef (Roulade) with Red Cabbage and Bread Dumplings, all homemade under the supervision of German Chefs. For our Bali Beach Boyz NFT holders they provide various exclusive special benefits.... find out!

Berlin Kebab Bali

Authentic German kebab in Bali.

Enjoy Germany’s most sold street food with a great athmosphere.
Look for a great experience at a top location with many exciting things to of nearby.

Red Ruby Bali

Lounge & Bar

A late-night wonderland offering the ultimate clubbing experience in Bali, through delivering quality music, exceptional service in a uniquely cool environment.

Aesthetically the Club is a melting pot of concepts meticulously crafted together. The interior design takes inspiration from New York’s Disco scene of the ’70s & 80s. Paying homage to the era that started it all. Musically however the Club draws Influence from the underground avant-garde clubs of Berlin, Ibiza, Barcelona & Amsterdam, showcasing the most cutting edge music being played right now. Perhaps most importantly though, the Club has the distinct spirit and vibe of Bali that can’t be captured anywhere else in the world.

Merging disco glam decor with the forefront of the underground and topping it off with that Bali spirit - is in a nutshell, the essence of Red Ruby.

Mighty Monkey

Indian Restaurant

Specialty - Authentic Indian cuisine & fusion
Restaurant & bar
Live music 🎶🎶🎶
& Dj nights 🎧

Tori Golf Bali

Golf Store

Tori Golf offers a unique collection of men’s and women’s golf apparel designed and manufactured in Bali Indonesia by its founder Yulia Tori.

The collection is designed to add individuality, colour and variety to golfing apparel and is produced in limited edition releases that will ensure high quality and a refreshing escape from the largely mass produced apparel that currently floods the market. The designs are flexible and can be worn
as comfortable leisure wear outside of the Golfing world.


Fashion Brand


Beach Club

Beautiful Beach Club &Restaurant🏝
3mins away from @baliairport ✈️
Open for PrivateEvents&Celebrations🌅

Ocean Golf Asia


It's time to move off the greens and onto the ocean fairways. Ocean Golf provides a unique golfing experience with the EcoBioBall. Our golf balls are 100% biodegradable and contain fish food in the core. Happy golfers and happy fish!


Cigar Lounge , Fine dining, Entertainment

A regal frolic pad in the fast-pumping heart of Seminyak, Kingsway serves as a one-stop-playground for Bali’s discerning partygoers, cigar lovers, foodies and cocktail-hounds. The lights are low, the blues are blowing, and the spirits are high.

Kingsway is named after the way we treat our guests. In here, you are our royalty. Chill, dine, sip, puff and dance in one playground. This juke joint has it all, making venue hopping become a distant memory. Doors open for luncheon, and things grow a tad louder as the night goes on.

Savour a top-notch cigar at The Cigar Lounge or serenade us with a karaoke gem. Graze on sexy bites and delicious tapas at The Games Room while playing nine ball or take turns in a game of darts. Saunter to the Main Bar for an unforgettable cocktail, or pair your giggle water with fine cuisine and live musical entertainment in the Garden Area. When you’re flying high, head for the Starlight Bar for revelry under the stars as the town bustles below. After all, a little party never killed nobody.


Landscape + Arch 3d visuals

Concepts Conveyed provides an online, “on-demand” service to landscape designers, contractors and other industries associated with construction. We have a vast experience, working with clients within the Society of Garden Designers and The Landscape Institute on projects from small rooftop gardens to large rambling country estates.

Our 3d models, walkthroughs and 2d CAD plans offer an engaging way for clients to visualise your proposals. This can speed up the time it takes a project to move from concept to creation, allowing your business to take on more work.

Alila Hotels Bali

Luxery Hotels & Villas

Alila is located in many different areas in bali like Alila Ubud, Alila Hotel & Studio Seminyak, Alila Villas Uluwatu & Alila Manggis. 
It is one of the famous places to stay in bali and they have amazing advantages for the NFT-holder

Karen Bali Konsultasi

Visa, Company, Tax Service & many more

Karen Bali Konsultasi makes all your needs easier. 
-Clients needs consultations and advice about business in Bali
-All types of Visas and work permit
-Company & License  Registration
-Global Pet Relocation international services
-Help with Villas,Houses for Stay
-Legal Documents Registration such as: marriage documents, birth certificates, propertiy documents & many more

Kura Kura

Balis famous beer brewery.


When you’re drinking Kura Kura, you’re drinking the good stuff. Real beer with real personality.

We took the time to source the highest quality ingredients, fine-tuned the recipe, then brewed things nice and slow, for that mellow, island flavour.



With this cooperation, the Balibeachboyz have the opportunity to help people who are affected by the change in digitization and the restructuring of the pandemic.
Marketpeak is the world's largest education platform when it comes to transferring knowledge in the crypto sector and in building an online business.


Decentralized Ecosystem

PEAKDEFI has a very large and strong decentralized ecosystem. With the decentralized PEAKDEFI wallet, users have the option of storing their assets securely in a decentralized wallet and also have access to decentralized exchanges via the app.
The PEAKDEFI launchpad is the main component of the ecosystem & gives its users access to projects that have enormous potential at an extremely early stage.
The ecosystem around PEAKDEFI also offers many exciting advantages for its users.

Ku De Ta Beachclub

Restaurant,Beachclub & Bar

A place where time stands still,
just long enough to enjoy the allure of life.

For almost two decades, the world has been enchanted by KU DE TA’s cuisine, charm, and celebrations.

Nestled on Seminyak’s sandy shores, this idyllic beachfront space was created for sun-drenched days and unforgettable island nights.

This is a Bali icon, where moments are shared over exceptional food, drinks, and soulful soundtracks from dawn ’til dusk.

Olla Clothing

Fashion & Design Boutique

One of Bali’s most famous fashion boutique for the acutely trends of the bali style’s

The Warehouse

Nightlife Club

One of Bali’s most excited underground nightclub for electric music and amazing Parties

Laurent Leger

Jewelry Boutique

Custom made by master craftsmen. Balis exclusive boutique for jewelry and individual designs