Exclusive BaliBeachBoyz 3D NFT Collection.Supports the local economy and environment with social projects.Passive income & huge advantages for NFT holder.
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The Official Bali Beach Boyz NFT Collection

Owning a BaliBeachBoyz NFT comes with many advantages from our numerous partners, including beach clubs, luxury hotels/resorts, real estate (buy & rent), restaurants, surf schools, water sports activities & many more, as well as a passive income.With the goal to support the local economy, environment and social projects, The BaliBeachBoyz finances beach clean-ups,educational school projects, orphanages, stray dogs & many other charitable campaigns.

Bali is one of  the most exciting vacation & travel destinations in the entire world. The amazing beach clubs, the beautiful nature and its diverse culture are just some of the attractions that draw millions of tourists every year. Due to its geographical location and the unique balinese culture, there is a very powerful energy that is reflected in the open mindedness and the positive mentality of the people.

In cooperation with the Digital World Collective and our network, we can make the impossible possible.

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The Bali Beach Boyz Beach Clean Up

Beachclean-Ups is one part of the BaliBeachBoyz social projects. We support the local economy and environmental health of the beautiful Island

One of our charity & local support events.

Our Co-Founder Lucas M regularly distributes some donations to a village community that has suffered from the pandemic

Uluwatu Boardriders series- first national surf contest this year!

BaliBeachBoyz entering the indonesian surfleague and support the local surfers 🏄‍♂️!

BaliBeachBoyz support school education project for the awareness of environment 🌴

The NFT collection which helps to make the world to a better place.


Stage 0 (Q1 2022)
  • Team & project development
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Partnership & Cooperations
  • First Social Media Campaigns
  • First Social Projects
Stage 1 (Q2-3 2022)
  • Mint of BaliBeachBoyz
  • Announcement of our first partnerships
  • Announcement of our main cooperation with one of the biggest projects in bali
  • Marketing start with Bali Influencers
  • Benefits for NFT holders
  • Improvement of our Social Media
  • Launch on Magic Eden / OpenSea
Stage 2 (Q4 2022)
  • Announcement of the balibeachbabez
  • Cooperation with a metaverse project
  • Social Media and influencer campaigns
  • Community surprise
  • Marketing start of the BaliBeachBabez
Stage 3 (Q1 2023)
  • BaliBeachBoyz Charity campaign 
  • Airdrops for NFT holders
  • Announcement of new main cooperations & partnerships
  • Collecting Metamask adresses for airdrops and Polygon Network switch
Stage 4 (Q2-Q3 2023)
  • Cooperations with more NFT projects & Partnerships
  • Balicard and therefore passive income for the holders
  • Increase reach of BaliBeachBoyz in Bali through Balicard integration
Stage 5 (Q4-Q1 2024)
  • BaliBeachBoyz & Balicard as integrated brand in Bali tourism sector
  • Mint BaliBeachBabez


How much is the supply of the NFTs?

There are 5555 BaliBeachBoyz NFT's.

How do I participate in Airdrops?

In order to receive all of the Airdrops we offer to our holders, you have to verify your MetaMask adress through Matrica. Visit our Discord to  be accompanied step by step.

BaliBeachBoyz and Real Estate in Bali?

All members are entitled to receive additional benefits in all our real estate buildings on the island. Enjoy your cheaper stay.

How does the passive income work?

Through the sale of the Bali Discount Pass across the island, we can distribute passive income to all, providing an opportunity for individuals to earn rewards while enjoying Bali's many attractions and activities. The Bali Discount Pass offers a win-win solution, allowing tourists to save money while also enabling locals to earn additional income.

What is the Usecase of the NFT?

The BaliBeachBoyz NFT enables you to participate in every Airdrop that is coming with cooperations, access to passive income and many advantages and discounts in Bali with all of our partners

Where can I buy & trade BaliBeachBoyz NFT's 

You can buy and trade BaliBeachBoyz NFT's on Magic Eden and Opensea.

How can I get a partnership with the BaliBeachBoyz NFT project ?

Contact us on our social media or send a email to partner@balibeachboyz.com